Is Calcium Chloride Dangerous As a Food Additive?


Calcium chloride is the most common food additives in our life. It has a chemical formula of CaCl2 and is typically produced as either a granular matter or a dust in its salt form. Calcium is an important element, and the human body requires a certain amount of calcium to maintain skeletal structure. Although it can be processed as either a salt or a solution, it is most commonly added to food as a salt in order to give it certain qualities. Majority of the people think that calcium chloride can be used as a food additive without danger. However, in its pure form the substance has several exposure-related dangers, and it is not known if long-term exposure to small amounts of the salt produces the same reactions. Are you interested in knowing more information? Read more.


In concentrated amounts, calcium chloride can cause digestion problems and intestinal irritation, leading to pain and vomiting. Manufacturers try to keep the amounts of calcium chloride they use in food products minimal, but those with sensitive digestive systems may still be affected depending on exposure. Besides, when calcium chloride mixes with water, it reacts in a process known as hydrolysis, exchanging atoms with the water and creating, as a byproduct, a large amount of heat. In concentrated forms, calcium chloride can even cause burns on moist skin or in the lungs or mucous membranes. The eyes also are susceptible and may be damaged by calcium chloride reactions. Since the amounts of calcium chloride are small in most foods, it is unlikely that this reaction would be noticeable with finished products, but it does present a danger for workers in processing plants where the calcium chloride is added. Last, calcium chloride salts tend to contain a small amount of metals, especially aluminum. Over time these metals can have a toxic effect on the body, especially on the bodies of infants with undeveloped kidneys or pregnant mothers. These toxic materials can build up and cause problems with kidney function and related issues. This is a rare risk when calcium chloride is used as a food additive, but may occur when calcium chloride is present in large amounts, such as when it is used in processing plants or as a medical supplement for a condition

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